Natural Back Pain Treatment Using Acupuncture

How acupuncture treats back pain

The current generations are doing typical desk jobs. They need to sit in front of the computer for several hours. These lifestyle routines have increased the risks of back pain.

Millions of people from different age groups experience chronic back pain at some stage of their life. And they are always interested in finding some reliable and trusted solution to treat this discomfort.

Well, acupuncture is the most effective solution to deal with chronic pain issues. This ancient Chinese therapy has now become a well-researched solution for reversing the symptoms of lower back disorders. However, in order to avail the best results, one should always get this treatment done from a licensed and trained acupuncturist.

Common causes behind back pain:

Lumber muscle sprains and strains are some of the most common causes behind lower back pain. Most of the people experience discomfort in the lower back after working on home improvement projects, during exterior painting, handling landscaping jobs or due to hour-long office projects that they need to complete while sitting in front of the computer.

The lower back is more susceptible to strain due to its connection with bending and twisting movements or due to weight-bearing functions. Muscle strain is usually resulted due to over-stretched muscle fibres. Most of the patient experience inflammation at the injury site; however, many others report a decreased range of motion and spasms.

How acupuncture treats back pain?

The concept of Acupuncture was invented in ancient times, and this therapy was developed based on body energetics. This natural treatment is carried out with the help of needles that are pinched at various pressure points through the skin. Note that these needles are not used to cause any discomfort, harm, or pain. Rather, they help to target the energy points in the different points of the body.

These points are well known as Qi in Chinese medicine, and some experts also recognize them by meridians. Applying needles on such pressure points help to lead special benefits for the muscles and nerves in the back. Some of the most common acupuncture points that can be targeted to control lower back pain are stomach points, hip points, hand points, lower back points, footpoints and points on the knee back. However, the points on the upper back pain are a little bit different. They include the area in the upper back, shoulders, neck, and head.

While applying this natural therapy, the experienced acupuncturists prefer to stimulate these important points. As a result, those specific points on the nerves release chemicals in the brain, spinal cord, muscles. The list includes neurochemicals, encephalin and endorphins. These chemicals further produce other useful hormones and chemicals that influence the automatic regulating system of the human body. Hence, the improved biochemical balance and healing energies help to promote enhanced physical well-being.

You can book an appointment with professionals  to avail this age-old treatment for back pain. It will ensure a rewarding experience to live a pain-free life.

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